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Qinhuangdao Yanqin Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established as a diversified new material development enterprise by technical personnel who studied abroad.  We are dedicated to research and development and offer sales and technical service of amorphous alloy products, nanocrystalline alloy products, measurement and control technology, and machinery as well as electronic products.
Our success is based on the strength of our employees'''''''' training and experience in the fields of management, scientific research, marketing, and international trade. Among our more than 100 employees we have sixteen employees'''''''' with advanced Masters and PhD degrees.  These individuals have developed well-earned reputations in our relevant fields due to their advanced research achievements and important experience.
Through our substantial commitment to research and development we have created a series of new competitive products that are based on our own patented processes.  We feel these products have a bright future in the marketplace. 
We have obtained six national patents, two patents are in the process of applying for approval, additionally, we have several company own technical know-how.
In addition to the research and development efforts of our own personnel, we have also established stable and cooperative relationships with many well known universities such as Kyoto University in Japan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University, Yanshan University, and enterprises both at home and abroad such as Hitachi, ATM in Bejing, Beijing Times Science. Through this wide ranging information exchange we are able to enhance our ability to fully realize our research, development, and production efforts.
The company developed from a humble beginning of USD75,000, 2 technical persons, total construction area of only less than 100 square meters, to nowadays a private Hi-tech company with more than 100 employees, asset value of over several million US dollars, sales value of more than 5 million US dollars over past 10 years. The factory area has been expanded to an area of 6200 square meters located in Qinhuangdao Development area and Shanhaiguan district, the factory area is 4800 square meters totally, the production capacity and asset scale has increased dozens of times.
Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we produce a variety of magnetic cores using high quality both imported and our own amorphous alloy ribbons and nanocrystalline alloy ribbons. The specifications of these products meet high national standards.
Our products have been widely used in many technical applications such as electronics, aviation and astronautics, military, communication, computers, and medical instruments, and our products have been successfully sold in countries such as Japan, Belgium, India, and Malaysia.
We supply the following products to amorphous and crystalline cores manufacturers and research organizations: on line inspection and measurement equipment, power driven core winding equipment, core cutting equipment, heat treatment equipment and its technical service, high quality amorphous and nanocrystalline structure ribbons, and imported amorphous and nanocrystalline structure ribbons.
Address Zhujiang Road#47,E.T.D.Z, Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province, China  Code066004 
Tel86 335-8056776  5161759    Fax86 335-5152875  ICP05018979

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